Easy Leg Day


Thank you all for being so patient this month!  It’s been a hectic one looking for a new apartment – my “everyday” goal has been more like every week…  Once I move this weekend, I hope to be back on schedule!

When life gets busy, sometimes our workouts fall by the wayside.  The idea of getting to the gym and hitting it hard when you’re exhausted usually means a workout doesn’t happen at all.  Perfect time to pull out an easy-going workout that doesn’t seem overwhelming.  This workout took me only 45 minutes today.

repeat 3x.

Step-Ups (heavy dumbbells) – 5x ea. leg

Dumbbell Squats – 20x fast

Cable 1 Leg Deadlift – 5x ea. leg

Cable Deadlift – 15x

Lying Hamstring Curls (machine) – 20x

Standing or Seated Hamstring Curls (depending on what your gym offers) – 15x

Calf Raises – 30x

Leg Extension (machine) – 15x

Plie – 20x

Abs 10 each:


Crunches, Tabletop Knees

Crunches, Heels-to-Ceiling

Crunches, Legs Extended (v-shape)


Crunches, Legs Extended on Ground

1 Leg Bicycle Crunch (Left)

1 Leg Bicycle Crunch (Right)

Crunches, Scissor Legs

Crunches, Legs in Straddle (off the ground)


Express Spin (playlist included)


I enjoyed the kick-ass 30-minute spin class I taught this morning so much, everyone needs to give it a try.  As a teacher, keeping material fresh and offering a class that flows smoothly is essential!  With spin, I usually wing it during class and sometimes get bored with my own class.  Today, I planned!  And it felt amazing doing this workout with my early morning spinners.  Planning from now on…

Repeat all intervals until song is done.  20 second rest before starting next series.

Your Woman (Tribute to White Town) – DJ 97

@ Level 7: 3 second jumps 5x – 15 second rest

Every Chance We Get We Run – David Guetta

@ Level 8: seated climb -20 seconds – @ Level 9-10: Climb (out of saddle) – 20 seconds

We Run the Night – Havana Brown

@ Level 7: sprints 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down

Here’s to Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne

@ Level 8 – seated climb 20 seconds.  @ Level 10 – seated climb 10 seconds

Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds

@Level 7: 10 second standing sprint – 10 second recover

Bad Girls – M.I.A.

@Level 9: climb (out of saddle) 30 seconds. @Level 10: 10 second sprint

Wake Me Up – Avicii

@Level 8: seated climb 10 seconds. @Level 9/10: climbing sprint (out of saddle) 10 seconds

Booty Swing (original) – Parov Stelar

@Level 6: 4 second jumps 10x.  Cool down.

Labor Day Workout



Get outside!!  Enjoy the last of the summer sun and, hell, while you’re at it wear white.

For your cardio today:

Either biking, rollerblading, walking, or running –

Hill Sprints!

Every time you hit a hill, sprint!  Then, recover on the downhill and return to a normal pace.

Live in Nebraska?  It’s okay, we know you can’t help how flat it is.

Do 1:3 intervals.  1 minute fast, 3 minutes normal pace.  If you are biking, keep the resistance up when you sprint!

Lacking motivation?  Use your extra day off to check this out.  I promise you’ll have a new appreciation and motivation for working out!  http://watchabc.go.com/extreme-weight-loss/SH55124938/VDKA0_j9sioov9/ryan?cid=abctwtrshr

Sunday Crossfit Challenge

As promised to my Facebook friends – the workout from yesterday that involved the number 223 reps.  There is a formula behind this grand total…

Complete the following exercises in this series:

20, 19, 18, 17 [etc]….1

Hang Cleans:


Pike Push-Ups

Resistance Band Toe-Touches


The first few sets will feel miserable!  But it gets easier.  Push through it, don’t quit.  Once you finish you can say you’ve done 223 reps of each!

Need some motivation?  Check out this couple that committed to Crossfit workouts together:


Recovery Day

I had my bags packed to get up at 3:45am and climb Mt. Princeton this morning, one of Colorado’s infamous 14ers (a mountain over 14,000 feet).  Despite my aching hamstrings and exhausted mental state, I loaded Clifbars into a bag.  At 2am, I woke up anticipating my alarm only to have the thought cross my mind, ‘what if I took a day off and got some things done around the house.’  The internal argument began and for the next hour I tried to rationalize both sides to myself.

Well, here I am at the computer with a cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over Denver.  And I’m damn glad I decided to take a break.  But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get out and do something active.

We all need those days where we are still active, but don’t kill ourselves at the gym.  For those of you intensity junkies like me, this is the hardest thing to hear!  But, if we don’t take a day to do something kind to our bodies and mind, we tend to burnout mentally, halt our progress, or plateau.

Idea #1: Go for a walk with an 8-10lb. medicine ball and do this series, 1 minute each until you hit 20 minutes:

-bicep curl

-overhead press

-park bench step-ups

-hand-to-hand ball throw

-walking lunges

Idea #2: Kayaking or Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding!  Try something new and enjoy an easy glide around a lake.  Most parks offer rentals.

Idea #3: Can’t get out of the house?  Throw your laundry in and get thee to the stairs:

-walk 5x (up & down = 1x)

-Skip-a-step 5x

-Dips 20x

-Decline Push-ups 20x

-Jump-up, run down 1x

-Side steps 1x each side

-1 Leg Curtsy Squat 20x each side



Forward Fold

Wide-Leg Forward Fold

Down Dog




Now pat yourself on the back for doing something kind to your body!  Or have someone else do it – GET A MASSAGE!