Inspired by Lagree Fitness – “Pilates on Steroids”

Three moves that will add serious ab definition!

Wheel Barrel:




Spoon (advanced!):

Do this with your arms on the edge of a bench with your feet on the wheel.  Pull your hips up and back through your arms.



All About Abs!

Sculpted six packs and sexy midsections are 80% nutrition.  But, a little sweat in the gym doesn’t hurt!  Crunches are great and all (sarcasm), but seeing real definition means building muscle – so grab a weight and let’s go!

Repeat 3x.  Each exercise to failure…then wait 10 seconds and do a few more, now you’re at muscle failure!

Decline bench sit ups w/ weight plate behind head

Decline bench twist w/ weight in front of you

Stability ball crunches w/ resistance band:


Stability ball plank-to-pike

Stability ball knee tuck


Side Plank – Thread the Needle w/ dumbbell

Straddle crunches w/ weight overhead

Toe Taps w/ weight overhead

Twisting Toe Taps w/ weight overhead

Crunches w/ knees over hips, medicine ball on shins:


Medicine Ball Toe Touches (roll ball down the shins and catch it at the bottom)

Hip Raise w/ resistance band around feet:



Up Dog

Straddle side stretch