Almond-Coconut Thai Chicken

Hands down my absolute favorite recipe.  Given to me a good friend in Nevada (Thanks Chelsea) as a peanut thai recipe, I’ve changed a few ingredients to clean it up.

serves 2

1 can of lite coconut milk

1 TBSP almond butter

1/2 red onion – sliced

1 sliced zucchini

2 chicken breasts

1 TBSP olive oil

1/4 c. chopped cilantro

1-2 sliced Serrano peppers (depending on your spice level)

1 TBSP lime juice


Sautee onions and chicken breasts in olive oil & lime until lightly browned.  Add coconut milk, almond butter, cilantro, zuccini and peppers.  Simmer for 15 minutes until almond butter is fully blended.  Serve over brown rice, brown rice noodles, quinoa noodles, or cauliflower ‘rice’.  Garnish with cilantro, almond slices and lime wedge.

Delicious with shrimp, too!



Paleo Jalapeno Poppers


Gone are the days of deep fried, cream cheese stuffed poppers.  Thank goodness!  All that amazing texture, grilled flavor and richness just needed a makeover.  Serve this favorite at your next cocktail party or keep them in the fridge for a snack on the go.

serves 4-6

12 Jalapenos, (sub small sweet peppers if you don’t like spicy)

1 c. Skim Ricotta Cheese (if you do dairy) or Mashed Sweet Potatoes

6 slices of Bacon, cut in half

Grill jalapenos whole until lightly charred.  Remove from heat.  Slice lengthwise and remove seeds and ribs.  Sautee bacon until slight color change and no longer raw, edges starting to crisp – do not cook until completely crispy.  Fill jalapeno halves with ricotta cheese, wrap with bacon.  Place on a baking sheet.  Cook @ 425 for 10-15 minutes or until bacon is crisp.  Let cool for a few minutes.  Two serving options:

Jalapenos – garnish with chopped cilantro and serve with salsa

Sweet Peppers – garnish with sliced basil and serve with gluten-free, no sugar added marinara

Paleo Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is an incredible guilty pleasure – steak wrapped in pastry and stuffed with mushrooms. Get that same luxurious flavor and ‘ooh-aaah’ reaction at the dinner table with this recipe:


serves 2
2 Lean Steaks
1 c. orange juice
1/2c. finely chopped mushrooms
handful of chopped chestnuts
1/4 c. finely chopped shallots
1/4 c. white wine
sprig of thyme
1/2 TBSP. rosemary
6 slices of bacon
2-3 TBSP. oil of your choice

Marinade steaks over night in orange juice. Pan sear steak with rosemary and bacon strips until steak is brown and bacon is soft, but darker. Remove steaks from heat.
In the same pan, add oil, mushrooms, chestnuts, shallots, thyme – cook on medium-high for 15 minutes. Add in white wine. Cook until liquid is reduced.
Lay out 3 strips of bacon in a row. Place a few spoonfuls of the mix from the pan in the center of the bacon. Place steak on top of it. Add a few more spoonfuls on top of the steak. Wrap bacon over. Use a toothpick to secure bacon ends. Repeat for steak #2. Place on a grilling pan and place in oven @ 375 for medium-rare 20-25 minutes, for medium to well-done 30-40 minutes. Some of the garnishing will crumble out, spoon these up from the bottom of the pan and serve on top of the bacon.

Delicious with cauliflower mash!

The Baconator

The thought of fast food makes me ill.  So I’m remaking a breakfast that can be made to go the night before for those of us that oversleep or have too much to do in the morning!  And it includes bacon! Stuffed-sweet-potato-340x300-top[1]

Twice Baked Bacon Breakfast


2 c. Egg Whites, uncooked

Handful Diced Tomatoes

Sliced Jalapenos to taste (sub sweet peppers if you don’t like spicy)

Handful Chopped Bell Peppers

1/2 c. Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar (if you do diary)

and, of course…Bacon (6 slices cooked and chopped)!

3 large sweet potatoes, baked and sliced in half


Scoop out cooked sweet potato insides – just a spoonful.  Don’t scrape down to the skin, just a chunk of the center.  Set aside and use for mashed sweet potatoes for another meal.

Whisk together all the other ingredients in a bowl.

In the  sweet potatoes’ empty spaces add all the other ingredients.  Bake for 15 minutes @ 375.  You don’t want the eggs to be cooked completely because you will be reheating these in the microwave.  Refrigerate.  Morning of craziness:  reheat in microwave for 1:30 – 2 minutes, wrap with papertowel or foil and eat in the car 🙂

Not in a hurry? Great brunch dish when served with cilantro and avocado to garnish!

Beginning of Bacon Week!

Mmmm…Bacon!  The smell, the crispy texture, the intense flavor and there are healthy ways to cook with it – in moderation.  Every recipe this week will include bacon.  You can substitute turkey bacon or a veggie bacon – try a few different types of bacon to mix it up.  Order bacon from the deli counter and taste the difference – they usually offer amazing different smoky flavors.  Always look for a leaner bacon with more pink/red meat than white fat – thick cuts are usually a bit meatier.


Plantains and Bacon

serves 2-3

4 plantains

3 strips of bacon

Dash of: Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Dime Size pinch of: Sage

Cilantro to taste.

Chop up bacon into small slices.  Sautee over medium heat until pan is lined with bacon fat.

Add in sliced plantains and herbs.

Cook until plantains are crispy and begin to brown.

Remove from heat.

Serve with black beans & avocado.