Easy Leg Day


Thank you all for being so patient this month!  It’s been a hectic one looking for a new apartment – my “everyday” goal has been more like every week…  Once I move this weekend, I hope to be back on schedule!

When life gets busy, sometimes our workouts fall by the wayside.  The idea of getting to the gym and hitting it hard when you’re exhausted usually means a workout doesn’t happen at all.  Perfect time to pull out an easy-going workout that doesn’t seem overwhelming.  This workout took me only 45 minutes today.

repeat 3x.

Step-Ups (heavy dumbbells) – 5x ea. leg

Dumbbell Squats – 20x fast

Cable 1 Leg Deadlift – 5x ea. leg

Cable Deadlift – 15x

Lying Hamstring Curls (machine) – 20x

Standing or Seated Hamstring Curls (depending on what your gym offers) – 15x

Calf Raises – 30x

Leg Extension (machine) – 15x

Plie – 20x

Abs 10 each:


Crunches, Tabletop Knees

Crunches, Heels-to-Ceiling

Crunches, Legs Extended (v-shape)


Crunches, Legs Extended on Ground

1 Leg Bicycle Crunch (Left)

1 Leg Bicycle Crunch (Right)

Crunches, Scissor Legs

Crunches, Legs in Straddle (off the ground)