Express Spin (playlist included)


I enjoyed the kick-ass 30-minute spin class I taught this morning so much, everyone needs to give it a try.  As a teacher, keeping material fresh and offering a class that flows smoothly is essential!  With spin, I usually wing it during class and sometimes get bored with my own class.  Today, I planned!  And it felt amazing doing this workout with my early morning spinners.  Planning from now on…

Repeat all intervals until song is done.  20 second rest before starting next series.

Your Woman (Tribute to White Town) – DJ 97

@ Level 7: 3 second jumps 5x – 15 second rest

Every Chance We Get We Run – David Guetta

@ Level 8: seated climb -20 seconds – @ Level 9-10: Climb (out of saddle) – 20 seconds

We Run the Night – Havana Brown

@ Level 7: sprints 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down

Here’s to Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne

@ Level 8 – seated climb 20 seconds.  @ Level 10 – seated climb 10 seconds

Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds

@Level 7: 10 second standing sprint – 10 second recover

Bad Girls – M.I.A.

@Level 9: climb (out of saddle) 30 seconds. @Level 10: 10 second sprint

Wake Me Up – Avicii

@Level 8: seated climb 10 seconds. @Level 9/10: climbing sprint (out of saddle) 10 seconds

Booty Swing (original) – Parov Stelar

@Level 6: 4 second jumps 10x.  Cool down.


Labor Day Workout



Get outside!!  Enjoy the last of the summer sun and, hell, while you’re at it wear white.

For your cardio today:

Either biking, rollerblading, walking, or running –

Hill Sprints!

Every time you hit a hill, sprint!  Then, recover on the downhill and return to a normal pace.

Live in Nebraska?  It’s okay, we know you can’t help how flat it is.

Do 1:3 intervals.  1 minute fast, 3 minutes normal pace.  If you are biking, keep the resistance up when you sprint!

Lacking motivation?  Use your extra day off to check this out.  I promise you’ll have a new appreciation and motivation for working out!


Find a good set of bleachers or, if you are in Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheater.

#1 Walking lunges up & down all rows

#2 Run stairs – up & down

#3 Jump Squats – up stairs

#4 Dips down each step

#5 Push-ups up each step

#5 Decline push-ups down each step

#6 Burpees up & down all rows

Repeat 3x for time!

Cardio because…


Push your limits today and be amazed at what your body can do!

Track or Trail:

Fast Walking – 1 minute

Jog – 3 minutes

Sprint (ALL OUT!) – 30 seconds

Walking Lunges – 1 minute

Frog Jumps – 30 seconds

Side Squat Shuffle (fast) – 1 minute

Push-up-Burpee-Jumping Jack – 30 seconds


The Reward:

5 Breaths Each

-Standing Forward Fold

-Wide Leg Forward Fold