Pilates meet Weightlifting

I love my mat Pilates ab series.  And like anything it can stagnate and I plateau, no longer finding it all that challenging.

Do each of these 30 seconds each with 3-5lb weights:

ImageCrisscross Weight Plate behind Head



210-exhale-core-fusion---pilates-plusAngel w/ arm series:

-Arch Overhead Out to Floor

-Pulse Together Overhead


-Arms Overhead, Pulsing Crunches


BarreFit meet CrossFit


Barre workouts and heavy lifting…These are a few of my favorite things!  Now let’s put them together for a killer leg workout you will feel for days!

Overhead Squat –  3×10


Superset: 1st position plie – 3×25 w/ 30 second pulse at the end of each set

(Get your butt all the way down)


Walking Suitcase Lunges 4×10 (each leg)


Superset: 2nd Position Plie – 4×30 w/ 30 second pulse at the end of each set


Kettlebell Swing – 4×15


Superset: Front leg raise – 4×30 (each leg)


Hot-Cold Mexican Burger

There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a good burger on one of the last days of summer. Here is my healthy go-to with a kick when hankering for a burger:



Organic grass-fed beef patties (sub veggie burger or turkey burger)

Sliced Serrano peppers (if you like spicy)

Sliced yellow bell peppers

Shaved onions

Sliced & chilled avocado

Cold salsa!

Cilantro to garnish

Big-leaf lettuce

Grill beef to preferred level (I love medium rare).

Sautee Serranos, bell peppers, and onions in olive oil until golden.

Place burger patty in one leaf of lettuce, top with veggies, add sliced avocado, salsa and cilantro.  Wrap lettuce around everything and dig in!

I love the hot-cold contrast of the ingredients.

Labor Day Cook Out


Shrimp & Steak Kabobs Loaded with Veggies!

Marinade overnight: steak cubes, jumbo shrimp, brussel sprout halves, chopped bell peppers, shallots and cherry tomatoes in 2 TBSP lime juice, 1 TBSP lemon juice, 1/4 c. orange juice.

Skewer all ingredients.  Sprinkle with hickory salt & fresh ground pepper.  Grill on medium for 15-20 minutes or until meat is no longer pink and veggie’s are lightly charred.

Remove from heat.  Garnish with chopped cilantro.

Labor Day Workout



Get outside!!  Enjoy the last of the summer sun and, hell, while you’re at it wear white.

For your cardio today:

Either biking, rollerblading, walking, or running –

Hill Sprints!

Every time you hit a hill, sprint!  Then, recover on the downhill and return to a normal pace.

Live in Nebraska?  It’s okay, we know you can’t help how flat it is.

Do 1:3 intervals.  1 minute fast, 3 minutes normal pace.  If you are biking, keep the resistance up when you sprint!

Lacking motivation?  Use your extra day off to check this out.  I promise you’ll have a new appreciation and motivation for working out!  http://watchabc.go.com/extreme-weight-loss/SH55124938/VDKA0_j9sioov9/ryan?cid=abctwtrshr

Cauliflower Craziness!

ImageI grew up on potatoes – tater tots, hashbrowns, baked and twice-baked; but especially mashed, smothered in butter!  I have tried mashed cauliflower and it is delicious, but sometimes a little ‘liquid-y’ and flavorless.  Here are a few ideas to spice it up:

1 head of cauliflower – boiled until soft & drained completely (!)

#1: Combine cauliflower, dash of salt, 2 TBSP garlic, 2 TBSP of olive oil or butter in a food processor until fluffy

#2: Combine cauliflower, chives, Tsp lemon juice, and olive oil or butter in food processor

#3: Combine cauliflower & oil or butter in food processor.  Top with Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and fresh chopped basil.

#4: Combine cauliflower, oil or butter, 2 TBSP garlic hummus, 1 Tsp rosemary and sage in food processor.  Top with lemon garlic grilled chicken and charred onions.


Other delicious ingredients:

-low-fat ricotta

-greek yogurt


-peas (Excellent in Shepard’s Pie!)


-shaved almonds & nutmeg

-curry powder, turmeric, paprika



Sunday Crossfit Challenge

As promised to my Facebook friends – the workout from yesterday that involved the number 223 reps.  There is a formula behind this grand total…

Complete the following exercises in this series:

20, 19, 18, 17 [etc]….1

Hang Cleans:


Pike Push-Ups

Resistance Band Toe-Touches


The first few sets will feel miserable!  But it gets easier.  Push through it, don’t quit.  Once you finish you can say you’ve done 223 reps of each!

Need some motivation?  Check out this couple that committed to Crossfit workouts together: